Rivers North Fishing Report

Back to winter in the U.P.

April 8th, 2016

It has been a very interesting spring so far here in the Upper Peninsula, lots of changes in conditions.  Now after having nearly all of our snow melted we are back to winter, 2 feet of snow fell in areas of the U.P.!  As much as this is difficult to mentally deal with it sets us up for another melt which will help water levels and Steelhead.  Many areas now are under lower than ideal water levels, this isn’t good for the fish that have migrated into these streams.  Anchor ice was present this week as night time temps dropped to  -15 in some areas, this ice condition is terrible for any kind of fish.  Temps are looking to rebound late this next week and we should see some melt off. Then maybe back to Springtime..?



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