So much for Spring

March 27th, 2011

Winter is back with a vengeance here, high air temps have been in the mid 20’s & some areas received some significant snowfall over the course of the past week. Steelhead fishing across the U.P. remains productive but not easy with water temps in the low 30’s. Water levels range from low to high depending upon river system but streams have dropped considerably with the cold weather.  Right now it has the feel of Winter Steelhead fishing verses Spring.

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Has Spring Sprung?

March 20th, 2011

Snow pack has taking a major hit this week with the above normal air temps & rain, looks like another early Spring at this point of the game.  Although the forecast for this next week is rather brutal, highs in the mid 20’s only so that should ease the onset of Spring for a bit.  Across the U.P. rivers have come up some & dirtied up a bit, this has brought in some new Steelhead to some river systems.  Brown Trout remain active as well with some good fish available. Water temps are still very cold in the mid 30’s and should stay that way for a while.  A small amount of tiny Stoneflies were seen with the warmer weather, which is a sure sign of Spring.

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Good Vibes-Good Times

March 11th, 2011

The snows have been steady over this last week which was very needed here in the Upper Peninsula, much of the later part of this Winter has been drought conditions in the terms of snowfall.  Latest snows have provided some much needed help in the snow pack department which is crucial to provide good water levels for the Spring & early Summer months.  Steelhead fishing continues to provide for some good opportunities & Brown Trout have been more active as they are anticipating their downstream voyage back to the big lake.  Some newer Steelhead have been arriving & making their presence known!

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Spring-Coming Soon!

March 5th, 2011

Spring is slowing creepn in across the Upper Peninsula at this time, weekly forecasts have had a few days in the mid to upper 30’s.  Water temps range from 32 to 38 degrees, most rivers are low & clear at this time.  A limited amount of new Steelhead have entered U.P. rivers, most fish are Fall & Winter fish still.  Some nice fish are available for the angler for this time of the season. Pictured below are a couple of the beautiful Steelhead taken this week.

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