Autumn fishing I Michigan’s U.P.

September 30th, 2023

Fall fishing is going strong across the Upper Peninsula region. A nice variety of fishing is available for both cold & warm water species. Some Chinook and Coho Salmon have entered our streams and surf casting/shoreline opportunities are also available. Water levels are very low pretty much everywhere right now, a bit of rain fell today which should help a bit. More hot weather on the way but then late in the week a big cold front is scheduled to show up. This should fast forward our fall fishing.
Some good Brook and Brown Trout fishing has also been available recently, the fish are colored up on their beautiful spawning colors this time of the season.
Many thanks to all our recent guests, we appreciate you fishing with Riversnorth! Contact us to get in some fishing here this fall, dates are available & some great fishing is ahead of us!

Summer fishing fading fast

September 6th, 2023

Early autumn is setting in here across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We had some downright hot weather over the holiday weekend but now a cold front is dropping in which will reset our conditions. Brook Trout are really beginning to color up & Salmon runs are going to fire up here very soon. It’s been some great Muskie and Smallmouth Bass fishing recently, both topwater and subsurface presentations have been productive.
Water levels are on the low side in most places which seems pretty typical for this time of the year, we should be seeing some fall rains soon which should bring levels up.

Congrats to our recent guest on some great fish! Contact us to get in some fall fishing before it’s too late!

August fishing in the U.P.

August 15th, 2023

Mid to late July & early Aug saw some fantastic fishing opportunities here across the upper peninsula region. Beautiful cool weather has been present most of our summer. However low water levels are present on most of our streams right now. The St Marys River saw some high quality fishing for Atlantics Salmon & resident Rainbow Trout over the past few weeks. Some trophy class fish made it to the net for our guests on a variety of techniques. Water temps have bumped in the St Marys & fishing is still producing a few nice fish.
Smallmouth Bass and Muskie fishing has been good as well, topwater and subsurface presentations have been great. Cloudy/overcast days have been much better than the sunny high pressure days.

Small spring creeks have also been fishing well for resident Brook and Brown Trout. A great summer for the Trout angler with the nice cool temps.

Trips are available, contact us for availability. Let’s get out fishing before it’s too late this season! Thanks for all the support & congrats to all our recent guests!

U.P. of Michigan Guided Fishing

July 19th, 2023

Mid July is here & it’s a wonderful time to be here in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Some fantastic fishing opportunities here the past few weeks for variety of species. It’s been a fairly cool summer so far, a couple heat waves but for the most part I’d say we are experiencing a pretty normal summer season. Still some good insect activity in some parts of the UP with good amounts of Hex May flies on select streams. The St Marys River has provided some good fishing opportunities for Atlantic Salmon, resident Rainbow Trout and Whitefish. Some remarkable Atlantics have been taken by our guests so far, congratulations on many personal bests!

Smallmouth Bass and Muskie fishing has also been very good. Topwater options have proven to be highly effective this summer so far. It’s been nice to be mixing up the different options of fishing across the Upper Peninsula.

Guided mid summer flyfishing in the U.P.

July 7th, 2023

Some high quality Fishing opportunities are available across the Upper Peninsula region right now. It’s mid summer here and it’s a beautiful time of the season to visit. Atlantic salmon, steelhead and resident rainbow trout have been available on the Saint Mary’s river. Fishing pressure has been high on the Saint Mary’s so be courteous to other anglers. Resident Brook and brown trout fishing has been very good on the smaller Spring Creek‘s across our region. Attractor patterns and small streamers have been productive all day long. Some streams have been seeing Brown drakes as well as hex mayflies. The hatches are only on selected streams, not all of our rivers get these bugs. Smallmouth bass, fishing has also been outstanding, ideal, water, temperatures, and river levels on some streams/lakes have these water bodies fishing great.
Congrats to all our guests on some remarkable fish, make your reservation today to get in on the fun!


Mid June U.P. Fishing Report

June 22nd, 2023

June has been a fantastic fishing month here in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula! Resident Brown and Brook Trout fishing has been very productive with some truly remarkable sized Trout available this season. Some high quality dry fly fishing, nymphing and streamer has produced some great fish as of lately.

We have experienced some very dry conditions this summer & overall water conditions have been low. A couple heat waves have created some warm water conditions but bounce back cold fronts have put water temps back into the normal range after these unseasonable temperatures. Always use precautions when fishing Trout in hot weather conditions, find alternative places to fish if stream levels are too hot.

Also warm water species fishing has been great. Smallmouth Bass have been very active & some killer opps are available. Pike & Muskie have also been on the feed, both top water & subsurface have been producing.

It’s just a great time to visit the UP, so many options of unique fishing available here in our region. A big thank you to our recent guest’s & congratulations on some stellar fish!

Trout season in the U.P.

June 1st, 2023

It’s been some great weather here in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula as of lately, a great start to a fun time of the season to be Trout fishing! Some good dry fly fishing has been available with Caddis & Mahogany’s making up the majority of the menu. Some very nice sized fish have been available this season, great to see a healthy population of both Brook Trout and Brown Trout. Streamer fishing and nymphing has also been productive when the fish are not rising. Mosquitoes have also made an appearance, quite possibly the most I’ve ever seen in my life!
Near shore fishing on Lake Superior has also been fantastic. Some of the best Coho fishing I’ve ever seen during the spring time. Seems like a very healthy population of Coho Salmon right now. Rivermouths, shoreline structure and first breaks have been holding fish. Anywhere that has food you will find fish. Lots of fun to fish the big open water when conditions are right.

Many thanks to all our recent guests , congrats on some great fish!

Spring Steelhead, Smallmouth Bass & Resident Trout

May 14th, 2023

Water levels have finally dropped after another bout w challenging conditions. The high country along central Lake Superior got hammered with up to 30 inches of snow, after the storm a quick melt of the snow made for severe flooding for the second time this spring. We have had a couple small windows of ideal water conditions this spring, other than that pretty much blown out. It’s been a year of some great fish though, this week saw some world class Smallmouth Bass & beautiful Steelhead. Finding ideal flows in high water conditions can be tough, but the rewards are worth the extra effort. Congrats to our guests on some personal bests & great memories!

2023 fishing season is here

April 28th, 2023

Lots of water has greeted us this fishing season as pretty much all of our snowpack melted within a one week timeframe. Rivers were are mess but currently they are in much better shape. Steelhead fishing has been the focus, water temps still remain quite cold for this time of the year. Other than the one week of warm weather our temps have been quite cold, this should keep steelhead available for a while still. Look for stream levels to rise again as more rain/snow is predicted for this weekend, the cold spring continues it course. Congrats to our recent guests on some great fish, a nice trophy class Brown Trout in the net this week!

Holiday Cheer

January 4th, 2023

The month of December saw some nice opportunities for some very high quality fish. Warmer than normal temps allowed us to fish a bit later than usual. Some great Steelhead, Brown Trout and late season Coho have been available. Currently we are winter mode, water levels are at typical conditions for this time of the season. Congrats to our recent guests on some spectacular fish & happy New Year to all.