Spring Steelhead, Smallmouth Bass & Resident Trout

May 14th, 2023

Water levels have finally dropped after another bout w challenging conditions. The high country along central Lake Superior got hammered with up to 30 inches of snow, after the storm a quick melt of the snow made for severe flooding for the second time this spring. We have had a couple small windows of ideal water conditions this spring, other than that pretty much blown out. It’s been a year of some great fish though, this week saw some world class Smallmouth Bass & beautiful Steelhead. Finding ideal flows in high water conditions can be tough, but the rewards are worth the extra effort. Congrats to our guests on some personal bests & great memories!

2023 fishing season is here

April 28th, 2023

Lots of water has greeted us this fishing season as pretty much all of our snowpack melted within a one week timeframe. Rivers were are mess but currently they are in much better shape. Steelhead fishing has been the focus, water temps still remain quite cold for this time of the year. Other than the one week of warm weather our temps have been quite cold, this should keep steelhead available for a while still. Look for stream levels to rise again as more rain/snow is predicted for this weekend, the cold spring continues it course. Congrats to our recent guests on some great fish, a nice trophy class Brown Trout in the net this week!

Holiday Cheer

January 4th, 2023

The month of December saw some nice opportunities for some very high quality fish. Warmer than normal temps allowed us to fish a bit later than usual. Some great Steelhead, Brown Trout and late season Coho have been available. Currently we are winter mode, water levels are at typical conditions for this time of the season. Congrats to our recent guests on some spectacular fish & happy New Year to all.

November Fishing in the U.P.

November 21st, 2022

Late fall offers some of my favorite fishing opportunities of the season. The variety of high-quality cold water species is pretty much unparalleled, a great time to visit the upper peninsula. Recent rains and snowmelt have water levels pretty ideal across the region, some very bright steelhead and Lake Run Brown Trout have been available. Currently were under some pretty cold temperatures, but it looks like we’ll get a rebound from this frigid weather and get back into some regular fishing temps here soon. Look for the Steelhead and Lake Run Brown Trout action to continue until our streams lock up.

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Fall fishing in Michigan’s U.P.

October 6th, 2022

What a beautiful time of year to visit the upper peninsula, our fall colors are exploding right now and some fantastic fishing opportunities are available. Fall salmon, musky and resident trout fishing has been very good over the course of the past few weeks. We sure could use a shot of water though, our streams are at some of the lowest levels I’ve ever seen them. We’ve been in a drought pretty much since mid summer and I’m hoping our fall rains come quickly to bring rivers into good shape for our upcoming steelhead fishing. There has been some incredibly large chinook salmon this year, our guests have had their hands full with some spectacular fish! Some nice Coho are also available across the region, these are a very fun fish to pursue as they eat a variety of different techniques. Thank you to all our recent guests, it’s been great spending time with you on the river!

Early Fall U.P. Fishing

September 16th, 2022

A wide variety of fishing options exist here in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula right now, a beautiful time of the year to visit our region. We have been blessed with some fantastic weather lately, consistent rains have kept our rivers in pretty good fishing condition for the past month.

Resident Brook and Brown Trout, Chinook Salmon, Coho salmon, Pinks, Smallmouth and Muskie have been our focus. Some absolutely fantastic fishing opportunities have been present lately. Our guests have came through and put some absolutely trophy class fish and the net!

August UP fly fishing guides

August 10th, 2022

It is the heart of summer here michigan’s upper Peninsula. This is one of the most beautiful times of the year to visit our region, many different Fly Fishing opportunities are available as well as some of our most beautiful weather. A nice shot of rain blessed us over this past weekend, we were in dire need of some precipitation and it came at the right time. Some rivers are higher than normal at this point but should drop to normal water levels pretty quickly here. Many thanks to our guests on the St. Mary’s River this summer, some fantastic Atlantic salmon and resident trout have been brought to the boat. Across the central upper Peninsula resident brook trout fishing has been pretty good, dry fly attractor patterns have been very productive. Get out & enjoy summer!

Fly fishing the UP in July

July 20th, 2022

So far this summer we have been experiencing colder than normal temperatures, seems to be a trend that just doesn’t wanna let go. We are currently under some lower than normal water levels across much of our region, some rainfall is in the forecast which will help our streams get back to more of a normal level for this time of year.

The St. Mary’s River has been producing some very nice sized Atlantic salmon this fishing season, the fish seem to be a bit bigger than normal which is outstanding. Water temperatures are still below normal for this time of year on the St. Mary’s River, I read that this is the coldest lake superior has been since the mid 90s at this time frame of the summer. If you are visiting the area & bringing your own boat, please be courteous of other anglers. This season the terrible etiquette I have been witnessing on the river has been disgusting. Remember, you’re not the only one on the river, if a spot is taken move along & don’t use your spot lock anchor in an area where people rotate through. I don’t make the rules, but apparently a lot of people need a refresher course on courtesy.

Our inland trout fishing has been producing some nice fish as well, resident Brooke and brown trout have been actively feeding on a variety of insects. not much going on for hatches on many rivers, so fishing an attractor pattern has been the most effective technique. Warm water species such as smallmouth bass, northern pike and musky have been active as well, most of our focus has been on Coldwater species this point of the season but that will change soon.

Many thanks to our recent customers, it was our pleasure to host you here in the upper peninsula and we look forward to fishing with you again! Congrats on some fantastic fish to the net as well, thank you!

Sweet summertime fishing in the UP!

July 5th, 2022

We are entering into the heart of summertime here in the UP, a great place to spend some time with a fishing rod in your hand! Lately we’ve been experiencing some cooler temps than normal, seems to be a trend this year. We have had some fantastic fishing with good overall water conditions. Trout fishing has been quite productive with some great brook trout and brown trout to the net. St. Mary’s River has been running a lot cooler than normal with the water temperatures, Fishing Is a bit behind schedule at this point. Congrats to all our recent guests on some spectacular fish, we appreciate you spending your vacation days with us!

June U.P. fishing report

June 13th, 2022

So far June has been offering some great fishing opportunities! Water levels have been ideal and water temperatures have followed suit, a nice combination for some good fishing. some quality dry fly fishing has been available most days recently, evenings have been producing some nice hatches when conditions are right. A variety of insects have been bringing resident Brook and brown trout to the surface, nymph fishing and streamer fishing has also been productive when the dry fly fishing has not been happening happening. it’s been wonderful to spend some great days on the water with our recent guests, thank you very much for spending time with us!