Good times to say the least!

August 28th, 2008


  Labor Day weekend, some will say is the official start of fall- from the beautiful weather we have been receiving I would say it is still summer here, but the fishing is starting to see some familiar fall species!  Daytime temps have been in the mid 70’s & some cool evenings in the 40’s have water temps dropping.

 Chinook & Pink Salmon numbers have been growing daily on the St.Marys River-some good opportunities are available currently for some very fresh fiesty fish!  Atlantic Salmon numbers are also still currently strong, some days have been challenging and fish are spreading out throughout the river system.  The St.Marys is truly a very unique river-where else can you catch multiple species of Pacific Salmon &  Atlantic Salmon in the same day?   

 Resident Trout fishing has been picking up speed slowly with the cooling water temps.  Some great Trout fishing will be starting up very very soon!  A few open dates are available over the next week for St.Marys River Atlantic & Pacific Salmon outings as well as resident Trout trips-come up & give fly fishing the U.P. a shot!


The options of August

August 21st, 2008

This time of the Summer there are many different options to choose from when fly fishing the U.P.! Resident Trout, Atlantic Salmon, Northern Pike, Bass & even Walleye can be caught using flies in August. August is typically some of the tougher fly fishing (resident Trout) of the year-rivers are warmest & lowest of the year. So why not explore some other options, the Upper Peninsula has hundreds of beautiful inland lakes that warm water species inhabit. Streamer fishing for warm water species is lots of fun-the strikes from Pike & Bass on streamers & top water flies are very alarming/exciting!

Atlantic Salmon are still in good numbers on the St.Marys River as well as a few more Chinook & Pink Salmon. Pacific Salmon #’s are improving daily- LSSU ARL (www.lssu.edu/arl) informed me that some very healthy Lk Huron Chinook are being reported from the Detour area this year which is a great sign for the fishery! Some very cold night time temps has helped keep water temps good for this time of the year. We could use a good rainfall as river levels are getting a bit low & some fresh water will help some more Chinook sniff their way upstream! Stay tuned-Fall is coming soon!

This past week has seen some beautiful weather here in the U.P.

August 13th, 2008

This past week has seen some beautiful weather here in the U.P.- daytime temps in the lower 70’s & some cool evenings has water temps great for this time of the Summer! The St.Marys River has been fishing good for Atlantic Salmon – normal Lake Superior water levels has the river in very good shape! The wet Summer has raised the lake level by nearly 18 inches! This time of the Summer a mix of Atlantics are available ranging from fresh fish, to fish that have been in the river system for some time. It is interesting to see the different coloration and characteristics of this unique fish! Also a few bonus Chinook are available-low light hours are best with baitfish imitations (pictured is Shane Mundt with the first Chinook of the season-good work!). Resident Trout fishing has been fair lately-this will be changing quickly as the cooler nights have water temps more suitable for higher trout activity. Terrestrials and streamers have been most productive lately depending upon light levels.

It is beginning to start to have a hint of Fall in the air of the U.P.-are you ready for a vacation?
Prime dates still avaibable for Fall Steelhead, Lake Run Browns and Pacific Salmon!
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The dog days of Summer are upon us here …

August 9th, 2008

The dog days of Summer are upon us here in the U.P.-Trout fishing has been fair on cloudy days with both attractor patterns & streamers. Some spring creeks across the U.P. have had some good opportunities for terrestrial (hoppers) fishing & some trico activity in the mornings. Water levels for the most part are really good for this time of the summer-we have been receiving ample rainfall & not to much hot weather. The amount of Blueberries, Thimbleberries & Raspberries on the sides of the rivers are making it hard to concentrate on fishing instead of snacking! Quite different from the past few years! The St.Marys River has a good amount of Atlantic Salmon present & fishing has been challenging. We have been concentrating on resident Trout since the last report & information on the status of the Atlantic fishing is the LSSU ARL. Forecast is calling for some cooler temps over the next week which should help out with both Trout & Atlantic fishing. Come up to enjoy some fun in the sun!