Mid June U.P. Fishing Report

June 22nd, 2023

June has been a fantastic fishing month here in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula! Resident Brown and Brook Trout fishing has been very productive with some truly remarkable sized Trout available this season. Some high quality dry fly fishing, nymphing and streamer has produced some great fish as of lately.

We have experienced some very dry conditions this summer & overall water conditions have been low. A couple heat waves have created some warm water conditions but bounce back cold fronts have put water temps back into the normal range after these unseasonable temperatures. Always use precautions when fishing Trout in hot weather conditions, find alternative places to fish if stream levels are too hot.

Also warm water species fishing has been great. Smallmouth Bass have been very active & some killer opps are available. Pike & Muskie have also been on the feed, both top water & subsurface have been producing.

It’s just a great time to visit the UP, so many options of unique fishing available here in our region. A big thank you to our recent guest’s & congratulations on some stellar fish!

Trout season in the U.P.

June 1st, 2023

It’s been some great weather here in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula as of lately, a great start to a fun time of the season to be Trout fishing! Some good dry fly fishing has been available with Caddis & Mahogany’s making up the majority of the menu. Some very nice sized fish have been available this season, great to see a healthy population of both Brook Trout and Brown Trout. Streamer fishing and nymphing has also been productive when the fish are not rising. Mosquitoes have also made an appearance, quite possibly the most I’ve ever seen in my life!
Near shore fishing on Lake Superior has also been fantastic. Some of the best Coho fishing I’ve ever seen during the spring time. Seems like a very healthy population of Coho Salmon right now. Rivermouths, shoreline structure and first breaks have been holding fish. Anywhere that has food you will find fish. Lots of fun to fish the big open water when conditions are right.

Many thanks to all our recent guests , congrats on some great fish!