U.P. Spring Time Fishing

April 30th, 2021

Spring fishing has been going strong across the U.P. region, a great time to be outside enjoying our diverse fishing opportunities. This time of the year the different fisheries available are fantastic, from stream Steelhead to resident Trout and Great Lakes adventures. This is some of my favorite fishing of the season, quite unique and exciting. Depending upon the region of the U.P., our streams are running very low for this time of the year. Lack of snow this winter and low rainfall have created this condition. Some fantastic fish so far this season, many thanks to our guests & congrats!

Spring fishing in the U.P.

April 12th, 2021

It’s definitely spring here in michigan’s upper peninsula, birds are chirping and fishing is going. It has started off as the strangest year of fishing in my two decades plus of fishing up here. Pretty much zero runoff from the lowest snowfall in 50 years for the U.P.. Some recent rains have helped the situation and more rain is predicted which is great. Steelhead are available, but this spring doesn’t have the feel of a “normal” Steelhead season. Some nice fish have been caught recently by our guests, it’s fishing season! :)