Tis the season

October 30th, 2013

The cold weather seems here to stay as more snow & wet weather has blessed us lately.  Most rivers are running a bit high for this time of the season, which is nice to see.  Some good Steelhead opps are currently available for very high quality fish.  Water temps are a bit low for this time of the season, yesterday the first skim ice had formed on some areas.  Some Coho Salmon and Lake Run Brown Trout are also available at this time.

First Snow

October 22nd, 2013

Winter is starting to show its face here in the Upper Peninsula as our first snow fell from the sky yesterday, kind of early for this type of weather!  Currently fishing remains strong with some good opps available for Steelhead, Coho, and predator species.  Some high quality fish are around and can be caught on different techniques. Most rivers are running a bit high with the steady precipitation we have been receiving as of lately.  Forecast remains to look chilly, better wear another layer & pack the handwarmers :)


October 14th, 2013

Looks like our temperate climate here in the Upper Peninsula is coming to a halt as a much colder weather system is giving us some more seasonally normal temps.  It was darn nice to have such wonderful weather in October, but the chilly mornings feel kinda nice now. Pretty sure ill be regretting saying I enjoy the colder weather here quite soon though!  Just a downright great fall of fishing we have had so far, many personal bests for clients for a large variety of species.  A BIG congrats to my musky anglers lately, boating some spectacular fall fish.  Steelhead & cohos are also available in descent numbers now and the Chinook fishing is past pursing at this point as most are actively spawning & nasty.  Enjoy the fall & keep casting….

Autumn Colors

October 6th, 2013

Fall is going strong here in the Upper Peninsula, colors are blowing up in the forest & fishing is going strong.  Heavy rains across the region as of lately has rivers up and look for them to continue to rise.  This years fall class of migratory fish is very impressive, the largest Salmon i’ve ever seen in my lifetime.  Congrats to our anglers, many fish in the mid 20 lb range have been brought to hand.  Some extra hot Steelhead are available depending upon river, hook up & hold on.