It’s fishing time in the U.P.!

June 26th, 2015

What a great time of the fishing season here in the U.P., summer weather & so many different fishing options to choose from!  Some downright fantastic fishing weather lately with temps in the 70’s, great for fish & fisherman.  Trout fishing remains strong w good stream conditions- Cahills, Quills & Mahoganies have been hatching & Trout have been feeding readily on the surface.  The warm water species fishing scene has been very good as well- carp & predators are on the prowl….  Enjoy the nice weather & spend it knee deep!




U.P. Trout Season

June 19th, 2015

Finally the rains have subsided & water levels are back to a more normal state here in the Upper Peninsula.  Trout fishing has been pretty good for Brook & Brown Trout, fish have been rising to a variety of insects including Brown Drakes, Mahoganies, large Stoneflies, & Caddis.  Streamers have also been producing some nice nice from time to time in favorable conditions. Congrats to our guests again this week, pictured below is a true U.P. trophy Brown Trout, which took a well presented dry fly!  Don’t forget to pack the Deet, it will be a short day if you do….




906 on da fly

June 10th, 2015

It is Trout season here in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, the mosquitoes are out in force & it feels like summer time.  Our higher than normal water conditions persist as rains keep coming & coming.  Looks like this trend is going to continue for the near future as forecast keeps calling for rains every few days.  Regardless we have been finding some active Brook & Brown Trout, some fish have been rising while other caught subsurface.  BWO’s, Caddis, Sulphurs, & Brown Drakes have been hatching on a daily basis, some days more than others.  The warm water predator scene continues to produce, even the walleyes have wanted a well presented fly.  Congrats to our anglers, another great week of fishing here in the U.P.!

I was lucky enough to watch a mother moose & her two newborns the other day for quite some time.  A neat experience as moose are pretty elusive here, check out this picture below :)