Bigger Water

October 25th, 2009

Heavy rains have brought river levels up across the Upper Peninsula to a high level-currently water temps are in the low 40’s & rivers have a good stain to them for the most part. Many leaves have fallen & it is starting to have the feel of a hint of early Winter here.  The rain was well needed & should provide for some new fish-Salmon season is done & some great fish are available currently throughout the U.P..  Look for Steelhead & Lake Run Brown Trout numbers to increase with the new water.  Some great fish have been hooked lately, but many have fallen short of the net.  These fish this Fall are angry!

Hook up & hold on…..

Frosty Mornings

October 19th, 2009

Salmon numbers have began to dwindle as most fish are either on gravel or already been on the gravel and are long gone.  A few fresh Salmon remain in the pools, but numbers are getting thin on them.  Steelhead/Lake Run Brown Trout numbers are also thin at this point as river levels have dropped and we are in need of some more rain.  Some chrome fish are available, being prepared has been key to get them fish into the net.  Well placed drifts/casts will result in hookups/opportunities, but getting them to the net is a whole another story.  Resident Trout fishing has been fair/good-most activity has been subsurface, but I actually witnessed some sporadic fish rising over the weekend(BWO’s). Trout fishing now is very relaxing as most sportsman are chasing Salmon, Grouse, Waterfowl or Deer-a quiet time on the trout stream for sure.

Fall in Michigan’s U.P-as pure as it gets……


October 11th, 2009

Peak colors & snow flurries fill the air-October in Michigan’s U.P.!  I have to admit the sight of snow this early in October churns my stomach as I really don’t feel like dealing with yet another brutal Winter like we had last year.  But nonetheless the cold & cloudy skies makes fishing as heck of a lot better than the 80 degree weather we had only like 10 days ago!  Right now water temps are in the mid 40’s to 50- it depends on the day this time of the year.  We did get a nice spike in water levels this past week which brought in the remaining Salmon that have to get their spawning on & a few chrome players that we wait all year so intently for.  Fall Steelhead in my humble opinion is the finest that Michigan has to offer, these fish are what every fisherman dreams of.  Fresh, chrome, aggressive & angry-no Steelhead fights harder than a Fall run fish.

Kromer- a fish or a hat?


October 4th, 2009

Burr!  Some extra cold mornings in the mid to upper 20’s has Fall fishing going strong here in the Upper Peninsula!  Some more nice rains have provided more water to our streams & actually they are @ a good level currently.  Trout season is officially closed & the final few days provided some fantastic fishing-some great Brook Trout and Brown Trout were brought to the net as we said our farewells to several areas for the year.  Good numbers of Pacific Salmon are present across the Upper Peninsula-this years crop of Chinook have some very magnum sized participants in the mix.  Over the last week several Chinook in the 20 lb class have been boated.  Nice work & congrats to the lucky anglers who won the battles with these great fish!

Go Pack- Favre Sucks!!