Let It Rain!!

September 30th, 2008

Some Fall like weather is upon us here currently in the U.P.- high temps in the lower 40’s & rain over the next 4 days should get our finned friends migrating upstream!  Fair to good numbers of Salmon and a few Steelhead are present in Lake Michigan tribs, Lake Superior tribs and the St.Marys River.  Chinook are the highest in numbers as Pink Salmon are all actively spawning and on their way out.  Depending upon river system, Chinook are actively spawning to just arriving and resting in dark water.  Some bonus Coho Salmon are also available-these fish are aggressive, wild & a pleasure to see around!  Some Steelhead are present, but in most rivers they are not quite in fishable #’s as of yet.  This will change as Salmon numbers increase & water temps lower.

Chrome-is it your favorite color?

The Last Cast

September 27th, 2008

Yes, my friends all good things must come to an end-the final hour of Trout season is upon us here in Michigan’s U.P..  Some very good opportunities were still available for those looking to get out & wet a fly line on designated Trout waters.  BWO’s & caddis have fish rising quite well for the end of Sept-subsurface flies have also been doing there fair share of work!  This time of the year is breathtaking on some of our waters-with foliage near peak in some areas it is hard to decide which is more magnificent, The colors of the Trout or the trees!

This years Trout season will go down as one of the finest-trophy Brook Trout & some monster Browns.  I am already excited to see what next season has to offer!  Dates have began to fill for 2009-to insure a quality outing give us a shout to see what dates are open.

Salmon numbers are steadily increasing on both Lake Michigan & Lake Superior streams-our foucs now  is on migratory species.  The St.Marys River Salmon run is slowing a bit as Salmon are making their way quickly to Canadian spawning areas (gravel).  Cold temps are in the forecast for the next week & some rain going to fall.  Steelhead & Lake Run Brown Trout on the streamers will be happening soon with the cooler water temps.  Fall is here & the Steel are headed upstream soon!

Frosty Mornings in the Yooperland!

September 19th, 2008

Cold evenings & sunny beautiful days have been the norm here across the U.P. lately-mornings in the 40’s & then 70 by lunchtime!  Just when I thought there couldn’t possibly be any more Pink Salmon to come in, the St.Marys River- it seems as if even more have shown up.  This years run of fish is very strong-seems as they are everywhere in the river.  Chinook Salmon have migrated upstream to spawning areas & are sniffing out gravel to get their spawn on-some fresher fish are still present in slower staging water.  Atlantic Salmon are beginning to show their Spawning colors quite well-these characteristics they show are unlike any other!

Resident Trout have been feeding on quite the mixed bag-Trout have been rising to BWO’s & a few flying ants. When nothing is rising-giving them a well presented nymph or streamer has been productive.   Daytime temps have been dictating what is on the menu!

Come up to the U.P. & let’s fish-guaranteed to be more fun than sitting @ your desk!

The colors of Autumn

September 16th, 2008

Stable weather here over the weekend has rivers about in the same state as last week.  Some rainfall over the weekend brought streams up a bit, but we are still in need of some rain.  Late season Trout fishing has been the focus lately-the last hoorah before Steelhead/Salmon becomes the game plan!  Overcast skies has been bringing some BWO’s out-a small window of opportunity exists when conditions are right for dry fly fishing.  Trout have been keying into BWO’s when present-otherwise all activity has still been subsurface.

Salmon numbers on the St.Marys River are nearing peak currently-many fish have migrated upstream to canadian waters to find gravel & actively spawn, but some good opportunies still exist for chrome in staging water!

Fall Colors have started & big fish are on the move!

Late Season Troutin’

September 11th, 2008

Resident Brook & Brown Trout have been the focus here over the past few days-very cold nights (frost) has dropped water temps dramatically and improved Trouting!  Currently most rivers are running in the low 60’s – this is very ideal for the last chance of the year to get out & fish many U.P. Trout streams before they close @ the end of the month.  Cloudy days have been fishing good-not much dry fly activity to speak of, everybody is feeding subsurface other than the random rising fish to BWO’s.  The forecast is calling for much of the same type weather for the next week-this should keep water temps about where they are now & any rain will also help things out.  Some opportunities were presented with some mega sized fish over this past week-but sometimes the fish win & keep you coming back hoping for another chance someday!

Pink Salmon numbers on the St.Marys River are very strong @ this time.  They are spread out throughout the river system-this years run is very good compared to last year, a great sign for the future!  Chinook Salmon numbers are also increasing daily & should for the next couple weeks.  Lake Michigan & Lake Superior streams have received a FEW Chinook @ this time, barely fishable numbers @ best.

Fall is upon us now in the U.P.-the greatest time of the year for the fly fisherman!

St.Marys River Triple Crown!

September 5th, 2008

The past few days have been quite the ride in the weather dept. here in the U.P.- a 30 degree change in daytime temps have water temps dropping after the sweltering heat we received this past weekend!  Lots of different opportunities currently exist in the fisherman’s world here in the Upper Peninsula.

Pacific Salmon (both Chinook & Pink) and Atlantic Salmon are present in good numbers on the St.Marys River system.  A strong push of Chinook and Pinks have arrived over the course of the last couple days with the cooler temps, heavy winds & rain.  Fish are scattered throughout the river system and this is the time to target chrome Chinook.  Some very healthy large Salmon are present & hopefully that is a good sign for the Pacific Salmon population of Lake Huron.  Water temps are currently in the lower 60’s and this should bring even more Salmon in over the next week.  Right now is great chance to get the triple crown of the St.Marys-Atlantic, Chinook, & Pink Salmon!  Sound like fun?

Over the holiday weekend I was able to get down to the Big Manistee River for a couple days to chase some Lake Michigan Chinook.  Some great opportunities were available for both streamer fishing as well as hardware applications for these magnum sized Salmon! I spent a few days fishing with Jamie Clous (fullersnboc.com) and Ed McCoy (hawkinsflyfishing.com)-these guys know their game and are licensed U.S. Forest Service pemit holders – if you are interested in fishing the Big Manistee, they are good!  Here are a couple pics from our outings.

Over the next few weeks there are great fly fishing opportunities for Resident Brook & Brown Trout, Chinook & Pink Salmon, as well as Atlantic Salmon here in Michigan’s U.P..  What’s your drug of choice?