Biggie Smalls

July 30th, 2012

It sure has been a blessing here in the U.P. to have the rains we have had this summer, with all the hot weather the nice steady shots of water have provided some relief to the fish that call our rivers home.  Currently levels are good, but warm-no need for waders as of the time being.  Smallmouth & some toothy fish have provided some good times over the last week although some larger toothed fish have made short work of the flouro tippets.  A great time to visit the U.P., bring the family up & enjoy the great weather :)

Hot to Trot

July 22nd, 2012

Life in the oven continues here in da almighty U.P., daytime temps have been in the upper 80’s it seems like for eternity this summer.  River & even Lake Superior water temps are scary high, don’t think I have ever seen the big lake this warm.  Limited Trout opps are available other than spring fed streams at this point of this warm season.  Our warm water friends have been quite active as water temps are friendly for them.  A variety of techniques have produced some nice fish as of lately.  Don’t hate on the heat, embrace it-ol’ man winter is comn soon!

Cook Out

July 16th, 2012

More hot weather has been present here across the U.P. & water temps are quite high for this time of the fishing season.  Fishing continues to be much ahead of schedule due to this unseasonably warm weather.  Atlantic Salmon fishing has been challenging due to the warmer temps, fish are present & quality presentations have been getting some nice rewards. Congrats to Roger on a great mid summer Steelhead that made it to the net this past week! Warm water species fishing is going well at this time, water levels are fairly nice.  More warm weather in the forecast, some relief would sure be nice.

Hot Tamale

July 10th, 2012

Downright nasty hot weather has been present here in the U.P. as of lately, maybe the hottest I have ever seen for this time of the year.  Water temps are quite warm on most streams, at least some good rains have kept rivers flowing at good mid summer rates.  Some big bugs have been present and all species have been taking advantage of this.  Looks like the warm weather will persist for some time, hard to complain about hot weather when we endure bitter cold for so many months up here :)  Atlantic Salmon are present, fishing has been fair to good depending upon a lot of variables.  Water temps are extra warm and fishing is much further along at this point of the season than normal. The warm water fishing scene is also going well with the warmer water temps.