Bring on da rain

June 27th, 2012

Finally some relief in the rain department as some nice storms have come across the Upper Peninsula.  Most rivers received a nice shot of water & have come up in level.  Water temps range from the upper 50’s to upper 60’s depending upon the location.  Atlantic Salmon fishing is fair and some magnum class fish are present as well as a few Steelhead and Rainbow Trout. Resident Trout fishing remains good with a variety of insects hatching that are bringing fish to the surface, Smallmouth are also active at this point of the Summer.  All in all, a fine time to visit the U.P. with lots of fishing opportunities to be had :)  Congrats to our guests on some remarkable fish as of lately!

Dads Day!

June 17th, 2012

Well, a very happy fathers to all-thanks to all the Dads who have shared this wonderful sport of fishing with their families!  Rivers across the U.P. remain quite low & fishing is much further along than most seasons at this point.  Some rains have fell, but virtually have had zero effect on stream levels.  Looks like another heat wave will be with us for a while this week.  Resident Trout fishing has provided some nice opps with BWO’s, Cahills, & Caddis bringing Trout to the top.

More Heat

June 13th, 2012

Warm weather has been the norm across the region as of late and river levels are still low despite some descent rains.  Some cold nights have provided nice cool down periods for water temps.  Resident Trout have been taking meals off the top and congrats to our clients on some nice Trout as of lately.  Warm weather is still on the radar with little precip to look forward to.  Currently Cahills, some Drakes, Caddis & Quills have been around, fish have been keying in on different bugs depending upon the day.

Dear Grandmother, mentor & lifelong friend- we will miss you, but find happiness in knowing you are resting happily with your best friend :)

Midnight Oil

June 5th, 2012

Resident Trout have continued to look to the surface & some nice opps have been available.  Brown Drakes, BWO’s, Mahogany’s,  Caddis & some Cahills are been emerging as well as some nice spinner falls at times.  Water levels are back to low at this point & some warm daytime temps are predicted for the near future.  The mosquito hatch is beginning to show as well, deet & a fine cigar is recommended :)