Ice Age

April 30th, 2014

It seems as if Spring is just beginning here in the Upper Peninsula for the most part, fishing is far behind where it should be for this time of the season.  Inland lakes still have a large amount of ice on them and even Lake Superior has ice from shore to nearly 15 miles offshore.  Steelhead numbers are low in most areas & putting in time/effort is the only way to get your reward right now.  Water temps are 34-38 for the most part & stream levels range very widely.  Old man winter just does not want to let go this year…

Mud Season

April 20th, 2014

The old yooper proverb-“Don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes” has run it’s course here in the Upper Peninsula over the last couple weeks.  60 degrees days & then blinding sub zero snow storms the next day, this stuff gets Steelhead & fisherman bewildered!  Our later than normal Spring seems to be a reality as a large part of our adjacent Great Lakes still remain frozen as of today.  Right now rivers are quite big & cold across the UP as lots of run off has occurred over the past few days.  Rivers are going to get even bigger as the forest is still full of snow.  Steelhead numbers range very widely right now as there are many variables at this point of the season. Take it easy this upcoming weekend for Trout Opener as wading is going to be rather dicey!

Last Blast?

April 4th, 2014

Yet another winter storm has hit the Upper Peninsula, seems as if it’s a case of the never ending winter as some areas are getting up to 20 inches!  Some melt off has occurred which has risen rivers a small amount & a bit of ice is gone-not much to get excited about yet.  A small amount of Steelhead are around, these are primarily all winter fish as virtually no new spring fish have arrived.  A warm up is in the forecast for this upcoming week, it is going to take an extended period of warm weather to get this spring started at this rate. When it melts, they will come :)

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