Winter Approaching

November 30th, 2009

As Fall is quickly fading in to early Winter the guiding season has begun to slow, this is an excellent opportunity to get out & explore new waters.  When fishing new waters it is truly a trial & error process, many outings prove to be fruitless while others offer great opportunities-you never know what species you will catch!  This is what is so exciting about new areas, the chance at finding something really special. All fisherman have been on adventures that seem to be more work than it is really worth, but then after years of searching they stumble upon something very unique & cool.  This is what exploring & fishing is all about after all-the Upper Peninsula is one place where if someone has the ambition this is still possible!  Steelhead fishing remains fair/good as some new fish continue to move in with the wet/warmer than normal weather.  Along with fishing i have been spending a fair amount of time chasing the illusive Whitetail Deer of Michigan this Fall, the Deer have definitely won in this department so far!  Nonetheless is is quite relaxing to sit in the quiet of the woods & await for some excitement to head your way.  Deer counts are much lower (40%) this year here in the U.P., seems as if the last two harsh Winters have taken their toll on our Deer herd.  Weather is calling for a bit more seasonable temps/precip over the next week, darn!

Give the gift of fishing this Christmas-book an outing to fly fish the U.P.!

Hell has Frozen

November 18th, 2009

Lately fishing accros the U.P has left one scracthing their head & wondering-some days produce while others have been challenging.  Bright sunshine & downright beautiful conditions really don’t help matters-this type of weather leaves our finned friends hunkered down hiding/not feeding.  Steelhead are present & the resident Trout have just finished up their spawning duties-both do enjoy the cloudy weather better than the beach like sun. Nonetheless this nice weather has felt great and is much more pleasurable to fish in verses a bliding snowstorm which is the norm for this time of the year!  The next few days some rain & cloud is forecasted-much better for the Steelhead fisherman!

A feat 4 long years in the making- Congrats to P. Mahone on finally getting one in da net!

Thank a Vet!

November 12th, 2009

Going out fishing is a great past time, I truly believe that many of us take it for granted that we are able to enjoy such a great sport on a daily basis.  We are lucky to have such a wonderful place to call home, these days many of our fellow sportsman are stationed throughout the world making sure that us Americans have a safe place to come home to every night.  Thanks to these brave people we are able to enjoy our lives in this great country!

Here in the U.P. water levels have been dropping on a daily basis & some beautiful sunny days have been present lately.  Bright sun & dropping water levels can make for some tougher conditions-fishing shaded areas with good presentations is key.  Steelhead have been eager to take good presentations and some high quality Lake Run Browns are available. Good luck to all the deer hunters heading out for the fabled opening day- a true U.P. family tradition.  This season looks to be a bit more tolerable-no blizzards predicted!

Save a Steelhead-Go whack a deer!


November 6th, 2009

Rivers are still running higher than normal at this time & holding a good bit of color-river levels largely depend upon river system.  This Fall’s rainfall still has rivers flowing at the best levels I believe I have ever seen for this time of the year.  This makes fishing a bit different from the norm, but high water is good water.  The higher water event has brought in new Steelhead, Lake Run Brown Trout & Coho to nearly every river system.  This time of year is great as the angler has many choices for techniques-swinging streamers has been more productive lately with the new fish & ideal water temps.  November is a great month for the fly fisherman-variety & an opportunity to hook a fish of a lifetime.

Congrats to 9 year old Ted H.-a truly fishy little man!

More Water

November 1st, 2009

The high water trend continues as we have had quite a bit of rain lately here across the U.P.., I do believe that this Fall is the highest I have seen river levels in a very long time for this time of the year.  It is strange though as we went from having low water conditions to now high water-there was really no median water level.  Currently levels have been dropping & should do so for some time as no big rains are predicted.  The higher water has brought in some very nice fish-Steelhead, Lake Run Brown Trout and Coho are available.  The higher water makes fish rest/feed in areas that do not hold fish in normal water flows.  It is worthwhile to pick apart every piece of water as many different areas can hold fish in high water situations.  Fall colors are gone now as high winds blew away our beautiful late fall backdrop, good news for the Grouse hunters!  From now till the chill of Winter sets in is a fun time on the water-some Steelhead & Browns have been grabbing the streamers.  Many different techniques will provide for the fly angler to get their fix!

Congrats to Jim H. on a Fall Grand Slam-Steelhead, Lake Run Brown Trout & Coho !