Border Patrol

June 27th, 2010

Some quality opportunities exist on the St.Marys River system for Atlantic Salmon at this time-some very nice fish have been taken lately that have provided some big smiles!  Federal restrictions on water regulations have water flows low as the Upper Peninsula & Canada have been under drought like conditions until lately.  A few Steelhead are also present as well as our tasty friend the Lake Whitefish!  If you are venturing up to try your hand at the Atlantic Salmon fishery-please remember the limit is ONE Atlantic Salmon per angler.  Respect the fishery & know your regulations, it’s your responsibility as an angler.

Atlantic Salmon in Michigan-thanks to LSSU!


June 18th, 2010

Friend Jamie Clous & I met up with Captain Will Benson of World Angling this week in Sugarloaf Key, Fl to experince fly fishing for Tarpon, Permit and Bonefish.  Will is known as one of the finest saltwater guides in the Keys and he produced some epic Salwater opportunities for us during our visit.  My very first day he was able to give me enough shots @ fish to give me my first Grand Slam (Tarpon, Bonefish & Permit on the fly)-very exciting to say the least!  Fly fishing for Tarpon is quite an experience-having a fish the size of you creep up to your fly & then all hell breaks loose once you hook up. Many fish jumped 4-8 times taking several hundred yards of fly line/backing-nothing relaxing about fishing Tarpon! The Tarpon we hooked were in the 30 to 100 lb class with some fish above 100 lbs- in 3 days of fishing we hooked 21 tarpon & managed to land 7. The Permit fishing is very demanding as well-long casts & perfect presentations get it done, otherwise the fish spook easily.  All in all it was a very sweet trip-I highly recommend a trip to the keys to visit Cpt. Will!

Good Stuff in da Sun!!