Gear Shiftn’

May 27th, 2014

Seems as if we just switched gears from winter directly to summer, just going to bypass spring this year! Water temps are warming quite rapidly here in the U.P. as extra warm air temps are catching us up to speed.  Still enormous amounts of icebergs out in Lake Superior, a once in a lifetime spectacle for this time of the season.  Trout fishing is getting rolling as emergences are under way w a variety of insects providing dry fly fishing opps.  First time in my fishing career I have ever fished Steelhead this late in most areas, some rivers are offering good opportunities still.  Most streams are in good shape for fishing as water levels are fairly normal currently and water temps in in the 60’s.

Gone fishn’

May 18th, 2014

Fishing has been progressing as our spring time season is upon us now here in the Upper Peninsula.  Water temps are anywhere from 40 to mid 50 degree range at this point. River levels are still rather high for this time of the season & most streams are carrying a descent stain to the water clarity.  Steelhead are available and still at this point their numbers vary greatly from stream to stream.  Brook Trout are beginning to get more active with the warming water temps and some insect activity has been present.  Blue winged olives, Stoneflies & midges have a very small amount of fish looking up, I did see a handful of rising trout this past week.  Click here for a cool video of a Steelhead release, please consider releasing your Steelhead to help maintain our wonderful fisheries here in the U.P..

Over da hump

May 11th, 2014

Well, it seems rather safe to say that Spring has finally arrived on a full time basis here in the Upper Peninsula.  Lake Superior still resembles the Arctic circle at this point, the most ice many lifelong yoopers have ever seen for this time of the year.  Steelhead fishing opportunities exist across the UP region currently, some good & some more difficult.  It is definitely a different year for Steelhead thus far, fish numbers vary very widely from river to river.  I can confidently say that we will have Steelhead available for quite a while as many streams have yet to see large migrations of new fish.  Water temps have skyrocketed to lower 50’s & water levels range from seasonally average to rather high.  Get outside, it’s fishing season in da UP!