Rain/Snow Please……

March 29th, 2010

Low water levels across the Upper Peninsula has made for some more challenging fishing over the past week. Nonetheless some good opportunities are available for the angler that is willing to put some time in.  The current conditions have fish slowly moving into river systems verses in higher water conditions Steelhead are more eager to join the party.  Cold nights has slowed the run off and nearly all of our snow pack is gone, thus the low/clear water.  Water temps are ranging from 34 to 40 degrees depending upon river system, look for temps to increase this week as daytime temps are forecasted to be in the 60’s (not spring temps!).

I cant believe that I’m wishing for a blizzard……..

March Madness

March 21st, 2010

More seasonable temps have settled in accross the Upper Peninsula and we seem to be back to normal for the time being in the heat wave department!  There still is some snow left in the shaded parts of the woods, but we are defintely low on snowpack.  Rivers are running above normal for this time of March & ranging anywhere from mid 30’s to 40 degrees.  The recent cold nights (6 degrees last night) has stabilized the rising water temps and no active spawning of Steelhead has occured yet.  The recent higher water/warming water temps has provided for some good opportunities- Steelhead as well as resident/Lk Run Brown Trout fishing has been productive and fun!

Sunshine on my shoulders in March.. Good Stuff…

Luck of da Irish

March 17th, 2010

Unseasonably warm temps has our snow melting quickly & rivers across the Upper Peninsula are on the rise.  Thankfully the nights inland have been in the 20’s thus making the melt only happen during peak daylight hours.  Nonetheless this melt off has some new Steelhead showing up in our river systems-water temps are anywhere from the low 30’s to even 40 depending upon what time of the day & what river.  Forecast is calling for a much needed cool down this weekend that should put us back at our normal air temps over the long term, even some snow is in the forecast.

Hello Spring, very nice to see you again!


March 10th, 2010

Unseasonably warm weather has been melting our snowpack at what I would considered an alarming rate as of lately.  This time of the early Spring is supposed to be in the 20’s still during daylight hours, not the 50’s like we have seen this week.  Currently river levels have not really been impacted by snowmelt, but if we get the rain they are forecasting rivers will rise.  A rapid verses prolonged snow melt is not good, this usually means we are in for a low water Summer-so pray for some cold weather and snow!  Yes, as much as I dislike that kind of weather (cold/snow), it provides for excellent water levels!  Very few (if any) new Spring Steelhead have entered our rivers yet-all the fish present are Steelhead that have been around since Fall or meandered in during the Winter months.  Nonetheless a warm up like this can get these fish interested and more active than they have been for months.

Please stop by Colton Bay Outfitters in Ann Arbor, MI on March 11 @ 6pm- Colton Bay is hosting Riversnorth for the evening.  A ppt slideshow on Fly Fishing the U.P. as well as many fish stories will be told.  Colton Bay is the areas foremost authority on fly fishing and they offer a full line of quality equipment with a friendly/knowledgable staff.  Stop by & hang out for the evening!

Sturgeon/Rainbow pic (right) is from Bonneville Dam hatchery on the Columbia River, Oregon-was out in OR for a vacation.