August 30th, 2013

Sure has felt like the dog days of summer here in the Upper Peninsula as of lately. Some nice hot weather has been with us over the past week which has us under the warmest water temps of the season.  A nice heavy rain fell that brought rivers up a good amount which was well needed.  A real smorgasbord of species have been active lately which is exciting and keeps the game interesting.  Looks like a cool down is in store for us after this weekend which should drop water temps down and it’s not long till we are in the heart of our fall fishing season.

Good as it gets

August 23rd, 2013

Well, if you are looking for the best fishing for trophy rainbow trout, char & grayling you will ever see in your life you had better get signed up for our 2014 trips to Alaska.  I could begin to explain how good the fishing was, but words really cant express the experience our guests had with Alaska Fly Anglers over the last week.  It was the height of trophy rainbow trout season and all the fish were on the feed big time.  Everyone caught the largest trout of their lives and came home with fantastic memories of one of the most beautiful most wild places on earth.  Below is a very small sampling of what AK delivered, absolutely fantastic!

Cloud 9

August 18th, 2013

A break from the chilly air is upon us here in the Upper Peninsula as it feels like mid summer again with temps into the 80’s!  Water levels are pretty much normal for this time of the fishing season and water temps are actually a bit below normal which is nice to see.  This is a wonderful time of the year to visit as there are many different angling opportunities for all skill levels. Both warm water as well as some cold water fishing is available at this time. This past week saw a lot of firsts for our anglers, congrats to everyone of some BIG accomplishments that are not easy to do!

Fun Dayz

August 3rd, 2013

Early August already, seems like a blink of an eye ago that our fishing season was starting here in the Upper Peninsula.  Time sure flies when you spend your days in such a beautiful place!  A variety of different fishing opportunities are currently available during this time of the fishing season.  Our cool weather has water temps pretty regular for this time of the year & we have been getting a ton of rain so streams are running quite high for August.  Get out & cast a line, snow will be here soon at this rate :)