It’s Winter

November 30th, 2014

A small window of decent weather opened the window for some fishing opps lately, other than that it has been pretty much to damn cold! This onset of winter has been quite possibly earliest I have ever witnessed this much ice & snow to hinder fishing conditions. Regardless of the rough weather, some great Brown Trout & Steelhead are around in the rivers of the U.P.. This time of the year you just have to time your fishing with favorable weather conditions. A new batch of Riversnorth hats are in, send us a message to order yours today ($20 shipped)!



Wiley Wintertime

November 12th, 2014

Ol man winter showed up in grand fashion to say the least…  In literally a 3 hour time span we went from late fall weather to downright middle of winter conditions.  This put an abrupt halt to fishing for a few days, many lakes have froze in a 2 day time span after this brutal weather.  Many areas of the UP got around 2 feet of snow in a 36 hr time span, should make for some interesting hunting on rifle opener this Saturday.  On the bright side, some great fish have been caught as of lately.  Persistency & great presentation has equaled success.  Both streamer fishing as well as nymphing at this time is productive, fishing varying techniques allows the angler to fish to different   fish.




Snowy Pumpkin

November 1st, 2014

Water temps are in the downward spiral now as we are very quickly fading into late fall here in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  A healthy snowstorm greeted to kids for their trick or treating last yesterday as many parts of the U.P. received up to 8 inches of snow!  I wouldn’t say that’s untypical for this time of the year, but it is always a bit of a shock to the system.  Many rivers still remain rather high, this fall has seen ample precip to keeps streams flowing well.  Steelhead continue to migrate into rivers and fish numbers range quite widely.  Late fall offers fun opportunities for a variety of different species!