October 31st, 2010

Well, our wish of some new water came through-lots of water actually!  Lots of rivers across the U.P. are on the high side right now while others remain in good shape.  This new water in the rivers as brought in some new chrome to keep things exciting.  Higher water means fish use different areas than the traditional places anglers target.  Steelhead are the main focus right now, with Coho and Lake Run Brown Trout present as well.

November-last chance before the snow flies!

Frosty Pumpkin

October 22nd, 2010

Crisp mornings & dropping water temps have it feeling like Fall around the Upper Peninsula right now.  Some high quality fish are available for those anglers willing to put in the time to work the likely areas.   Dropping water temps have a few more Steelhead, Coho and Lake Run Brown Trout present in rivers across the U.P..  Rivers are currently not in bad shape, but they are in need of some rain which looks like a small amount is in the near forecast.  Congrats to Gary on a female Steelhead that weighed in at 13.5 lbs & Dan on a beautiful Lk Run, a  couple remarkable fish!

Smiling in da Yoopeeeeeeeeee!

Lets Dance

October 15th, 2010

Rivers across the Upper Peninsula are in very good shape for this time of the year, some rivers could actually use a new shot of water as the last major rainfall has passed through the systems.  Steelhead are present and experienced anglers have been finding some nice chrome head shaking on the end of the fly line.  Steelhead numbers vary largely, some nice fish are available for those willing to put in the time.  Still plenty of Salmon (Kings) around, a few fresh fish are available, but most are on gravel at this time and that is when we consider it game over for them.  Look for Steelhead & Lake Run Brown numbers to increase with the cooler weather & new rainfall.

Fall-so much to do & not enuff time…..

Fall Colors

October 8th, 2010

Most rivers across the U.P. have come down to a fishable level at this time-Salmon as well as limited amounts of Steelhead & Lake Run Brown Trout are available.  Chinook & Coho Salmon are predominant currently, a few brief encounters have occurred with the other species that have fallen short of the net. Fishing has been a bit inconsistent- one day of excellent fishing & then tougher conditions present themselves the next day. Forecast is calling for more high sunshine & warmth for the next few days before the cool weather comes back, should make for some more fishy conditions.  Some beautiful Fall colors are out right now, a nice time for a visit to the U.P. for the family!


Heavy Water

October 1st, 2010

Record high river levels for this of the year across the U.P. has made for some difficult angling as of lately, lots of rivers have been nearly unfishable due to the high water.  Some areas of the U.P. received around 3 inches of rain from this event, rivers have crested and are working their way back down to normal levels right now. Rivers with steeper drainages have come down & are fishable for the most part.  Salmon numbers are fair to good right now with a FEW bonus other species available.  Angler pressure has been high on some rivers by U.P. standards as the Salmon season is the last hooray for some anglers before hunting season get sin full swing.

Fall-Trophy time!