Beach Time

July 25th, 2010

Warm water conditions currently exist on the St.Marys River & fishing can be challenging.  Covering water meticulously looking for players has been key to hooking fish.  Cloudy days have provided much better opportunities as bright days most fish seem to be working on a tan rather than being interested in eating much.

Take a break from fishn’ & pick a wild blueberry-record crop this year in the U.P.!

Day to Day

July 19th, 2010

Atlantic Salmon fishing on the St.Mary River I would rate as so-so right now-some days have been good & others just plain brutal.  Water temps are up & fish are getting moody-the right conditions and fish are active. Other days they are just plain not interested in anything-that is Atlantic Salmon fishing.  Congrats to our guests who have taken some spectacular fish lately-nice job!

Muy Excellente- Mr.Salmo!

Dog Days of Summer

July 10th, 2010

Atlantic Salmon fishing on the St.Marys River has been getting tougher on a daily basis right now-higher water temps than normal coupled with large amounts of Hex has made for some challenging fishing at times.  The fish have settled into their mid summer behavior & have scattered throughout the St.Marys River system.  Nonetheless some great fish have provided us with some memories this past week. Congrats to our anglers this week- some very rewarding fish!

Sunshine in da Yoop-life is good today!


July 5th, 2010

Atlantic Salmon fishing on the St. Marys River continues to be productive, but water temps are getting quite warm for this time of the year already.  It is a different kinda year on the St.Marys as the Atlantics showed up earlier than normal this year & water temps are at August levels currently.  Some beautiful resident Rainbow Trout provided some big smiles as these are one of the rarest species of this river system-combined with the Whitefish & Atlantic Salmon a few lucky clients were able to capture the St.Marys River Grand Slam.  Taking advantage of a high wind cancellation day- I spent the day fishing the Canadian rapids- I was very surprised to catch the extremely illusive resident Brook Trout pictured below (15 inches) as well as a drop back Steelhead.

Let Freedom ring-go fishing & celebrate your independence!