July 21st, 2016

What a great summer we have having here in the Upper Peninsula, downright hot & wonderful!  Some nice rain storms have kept new water coming into the rivers which is very needed during these heat waves.  Spring influenced Trout streams are still fishing, but be sure to take water temps on streams that tend to run warmer this time of the season.  On the St Marys river Atlantic Salmon are present & so are the largest amount of smelt i’ve ever witnessed.  Smelt numbers are thinning quickly with the warming water as they migrate to deeper areas, but ti was very neat to see such an abundance of baitfish.  Along w the Atlantics a fair amount of Pacific Salmon (Kings & Coho) were taking advantage of this smelt bonanza!




Sweet summer fly fishing in the U.P.!

July 8th, 2016

Such an awesome time of the year here in the U.P., long days & beautiful warm weather!  Lots of fly fishing opportunities to choose from right now & fun times on the water.  Some Trout streams are still fishing well for Brook and Brown Trout, finding the cold water is key to happy fish. Top water as well as subsurface presentations both have been productive, pick a fly & cast!  The St.Marys river has a few high quality Atlantic Salmon available, large amounts of smelt are around & aquatic insects have been active.  Congrats to our guests, some fun days on the water recently!