Size matters

July 16th, 2014

Hard to remember a July in recent history where I have had to wear a stocking cap on the river daily, but nonetheless still much nicer than a sub zero night in February!  Some great fly fishing opportunities here in the U.P. are available currently.  Warm water species are active, Trout fishing is going good w the cool temps & a mixed bag of cold water species are available on the St Marys River.  A wide variety of aquatic insects as well as baitfish have fish eating diversely.  Water temps are still much below average for many areas, seems like with our weather pattern we should have cool water all summer long at this rate. Congrats to many, but Cindy takes the prize w her trophy below :)






Mid Summer Fly Fishing is Here

July 7th, 2014

Summertime in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to fit in everything you want to do!  So many great fisheries & other recreation activities to do this time of the year up here.  Currently stream levels are a bit above normal w some good precip & Trout as well as warm water species fishing is going quite well.  Other Great Lakes regions have well below normal water temps with the late Spring, currently the St Marys river is only at 51 degrees.  A mixed bag of Steelhead & Atlantic Salmon are available.  Water condtions have fishing challenging at times.  Diligent anglers have been rewarded w some fantastic fish, congrats to all our guests!