Early Winter fishing in the U.P.

November 22nd, 2021

Temps are falling across the Upper Peninsula region as Winter begins to tighten it’s grip. We did enjoy a bit of a bump in water levels which brought in some new Steelhead that provided some fantastic fishing opportunities. Water levels are now dropping back to low flow conditions as temps are dropping daily. Not much to speak of for snow yet really, hoping this winter sees some big dumps as our lakes really need the water. We have been in a perpetual drought since last year, we really need to get out of this trend and into more precipitation. Many thanks to our recent guests, it’s been fun with the hot steelhead!

Crispy mornings

November 4th, 2021

Finally things are feeling more seasonable here in the U.P., frosty mornings and even some snowfall across our region. Water temps have lowered as well, but are still warmer than average in our Great Lakes region. This past week fishing has really fired up in certain areas, ideal conditions created some fantastic opportunities. New arrival Steelhead are available and are a lot of fun. These fish are into a variety of different presentations which make this time period very unique. Congrats to our guests on some spectacular fish, it was great spending time with all of you!