Winter in the Yooperland

January 24th, 2013

Well hello winter!  Downright nasty cold temps here lately has stymied any thoughts of going fishing in my world.  This past week many days the high temps in the interior portions of the Upper Peninsula has been around -5, rather brisk even for the hardiest of yoopers.  Night time temps have dipped down close to -30! Many streams are covered in surface or anchor ice and fishing is fairly futile currently. Some encouraging snows have come to many areas, seems to be very localized with certain areas getting much more snow than others.  Looks like a brief warm up heading our way this weekend and more snow in the forecast. It is refreshing to see some more “normal” type weather and hoping it stays that way for the remainder of this winter.  Below are some images of winter here in the U.P. from this week.

Ol’ Man Winter

January 8th, 2013

It’s has been rather normal bone chilling weather here in the U.P. for a bit as of lately with night temps into the single digits with not much in the snow department.  It has been nice to see the cold weather, but a warm up w possible rain is likely this week. It is never a delightful experience to have rain in the middle of winter, so everyone is hoping that this doesn’t happen.  Right now Winter fishing conditions exist with water as about as cold as it gets, fish aren’t moving to far to eat & a will to enjoy the outdoors in winter equals success.  Some nice Steelhead, resident Trout & Lake Run Browns are available currently.  Happy New Year to all & remember to respect your rivers this year.  GO PACK GO!