November 23rd, 2013

From the looks outside the window it’s pretty safe to say that winter is now here in the U.P.. A high temp of 13 degrees makes it a bit brutal for fishing, warmer days are forecasted for the future.  Our higher water conditions still exist, this fall/early winter has seen the highest sustained water levels in quite some time.  Some good opportunities exist for some excellent fish, large Steelhead as well as trophy Brown Trout are available. Congrats also to all the buck slayers of the northwoods this deer season :)

On Holiday

November 15th, 2013

The deer hunting holiday is upon us here in the U.P. & some nice weather is here to relax in the forest or on the river.  Lots of higher than normal water levels are present across the region, rains & snows have kept levels up for the most part over the past few weeks.  Water temps are getting cold and some areas have had skim ice already, which is rather early. Some very nice Steelhead are present as well as trophy class lake run Brown Trout.

The Silver Lining

November 6th, 2013

More wet weather has rivers up at an unseasonably high level in some areas of the Upper Peninsula.  Even more rain/snow is forecasted for the near future which should continue to make rivers rise.  Some areas received close to 6 inches of snow today, while others saw close to an inch of rain. The higher water has provided some opps for some nice silver Steelhead.  These fish are full of anger and like to chew up anglers quickly, a good combo.  Some remaining Coho Salmon are also still available.