Trout Opening Day in the UP

April 28th, 2020

An interesting spring to say the least, lots of personal fishing time which is something that isn’t to normal this time of the year normally. It has been wonderful to get out fishing with family so much when the fishing is good. Finally back to normal temps after a prolonged period of unseasonable cold. Steelhead fishing remains good with many fish done spawning at this point. Limited Trout fishing is available across the regions, many areas still are covered in snow/ice. Be courteous, remember everyone is navigating through a challenging time right now.

Stay Safe!

April 8th, 2020

Spring is here in the UP as the snow is quickly melting, a transition that every Yooper enjoys! Some Steelhead fishing opportunities exist across the region currently. Although some good fishing is available it is your duty to rest if society to stay put for the time being.  This is a time to fish local & so your part to confine this disaster we are currently experiencing.  Fishing only with immediate household family members is acceptable, anything else is careless & unjustified.  All guides trips are “on hold” until government decides it is safe. I have attached a video that I would like to share for all of the guides across the US.  None of us are in this industry for financial reasons & we greatly appreciate the continued support of our customers. It’s going to be a challenging time for all of us, a genuine thank you to all of the wonderful people who fish with me. I miss you all….

Just be cool & abide….