Fire on the mountain

May 30th, 2012

After a warm weekend, we are now in the midst of a cold front and receive some substantial rainfall which helped out our very low river levels.  During the warmer weather some great resident Trout fishing was available across the U.P.. Many different Mayflies as well as Caddis have been coming off-BWO’s, Sulphurs, March Browns & even Brown Drakes have been called dinner.  The colder temps now should slow down the emergences a bit as we have progressed very quickly & are ahead of schedule.  Thank you to The Scott Fly Rod Company-very pleased to be asked to be part of the Pro Staff team of top guides in the industry.

Quite a tragically eventful week here in the Upper Peninsula, unfortunately wildfires raged fully out of control and devastated thousands of acres of pristine wilderness.  Fires happened across the whole U.P., most most notably around the Seney area & north of Newberry.  Fishing roots run deep in these areas & our most sincere condolences go out to the owners of the all the properties that were devastated from this event.  Sources report that these two fires were started by lightning strikes and the high winds/arid conditions provided perfect conditions for the fires to spread.  Visit the Michigan DNR website for info on the wild fires.

Too Hot

May 20th, 2012

Whew, quite the warm up weather wise here in the U.P., air temps in the mid 80’s have it feeling like mid summer.  Trout fishing has progressed rapidly with this warm up and water levels are very low.  A nice storm is upon us as I am writing this report, hopefully it will generate some substantial runoff from the rain.  A smorgasbord of aquatic insects have been coming off in vagarious locations- BWO’s, Caddis, March Browns & a few Sulphurs are around.  Look like a cool off this week, a much needed relief from the unseasonable heat.  Please check out this new article by journalist Howard Meyerson of Michigan, a piece on the proposed Brook Trout limit increase here in the U.P. by Mi DNR.  Howard interviews several Phd’s in fisheries biology that are experts on Brook Trout here Upper Peninsula and gets their opinion on this proposal. Please sign the online petition I have created to oppose the Brook Trout limit increase here. I will be providing this petition to MI DNR this week, thanks for the support!

Mom’s Day :)

May 13th, 2012

A happy Mothers Day wish to all the wonderful Moms of the world, many thanks for your understanding of us fisher people & putting up with us being late for dinner on a frequent basis!  Some quite warm weather has transcended the U.P. lately which has left us on the dry side, extreme wildfire danger is present in many areas.  Some rain would be much appreciated at this point.  Resident Trout are being taken on many different patterns at this point.  Caddis, BWO’s & some March Browns are present for the fish looking up for their meals.

Moisture from the heavens

May 7th, 2012

Rain-this is something i seemingly forgot that existed here in the Upper Peninsula! This wet stuff falling from the sky has greeted us a bit as of lately which has been pleasant & well accepted.  Fishing in the rain I have always found to be rather peaceful, it makes the forest green & surrounding environs calming.  Rivers have risen some and taken on a bit of color with the precipitation-temps are in the 50’s.  Resident Brook and Brown Trout are available and being taken on a variety of patterns.  Some sporadic dry fly activity is available, mainly Caddis & some BWO’s.  Some Steelhead are available for those that so feel inclined.

Originality-the spice of life……

Da Opener

May 2nd, 2012

Another Trout opener has come & gone here in the Upper Peninsula-it’s always wonderful to see families out on the streams enjoy each others company on this fine weekend.  Fishing is about making memories with important people in your life, hopefully everyone was able to get out for some lighthearted fun& maybe catch a Trout in the process :)  We just received a shot of rain which should help water levels out some, a nice storm came through this early morning.  Some Trout are rising to Caddis, BWO’s, & some Hendricksons. I would rate the rise as not very consistent at this point.  Sunny days have been producing the best Caddis activity for brief periods.  A small amount of Steelhead are available for those interested.

Keep the Faith & Keep Casting!