Christmas in July

July 31st, 2011

Mid Summer is here across the Upper Peninsula & it is a wonderful time to enjoy all the aspects of such a beautiful place.  Right now some Trout streams are fishing well, mainly the spring influenced small creeks that don’t reach above the mid 60 degree mark, streams above this temp should be avoided.  The St.Marys River has some nice Atlantics & Trout available-Congrats to Dave W. on a rare drop back Steelhead in July!

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Final Countdown

July 25th, 2011

Pretty much the same song & dance as last week, hot weather & warm water.  Some Trout streams are boiling &  small spring creeks remain chilled. Warmwater species provide some excellent action when water temps get to high for the angler to safely pursue Trout. The St.Marys River has had some fair/good opportunities depending upon the given day.  Large Hex emergences are coming to an end & Atlantic Salmon as well as resident fish have had their fill of insects as of lately.

Recently Riversnorth had the pleasure of hosting world renowned fly fishing author John Gierach for a day of relaxation U.P. style.  It was a pleasure & honor to spend the day with Mr.Gierach-many thanks to the Voelker family as well for sharing a bit of U.P. history with our guest :)

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Riversnorth Fly Fishing


July 18th, 2011

Hot humid weather has settled in across the Upper Peninsula, water temps are up & some Trout streams are on the low side.  Some localized heavy rainfall has helped out some streams that are in need of water, but low water is normal this time of the Summer on non spring influenced rivers.  Atlantic Salmon fishing on the St.Marys River remains fair to good with some bonus Rainbows, Herring & Whitefish in the mix.  Large Hex emergences have been present lately on the St.Marys as well as offshore and on local Trout streams.  This hatch can provide some stellar fishing opportunities as well as make for some full fish that aren’t interested in eating much-classic catch 22 dilemma!  Days off of guiding has been sent researching new fisheries that have been proving this season to be very fun & downright productive-pictured below is a magnum sized carp from a remote area of the Upper Peninsula.  Looks for some new adventures to be offered to guests for the 2012 season!

John Voelker (Robert Traver) & U.P. Trout fishing fans-check out Tim’s Blog!


Beach Weather

July 11th, 2011

Summer weather has transcended across the Upper Peninsula as of lately which has made for some pleasurable fishing conditions.  The St.Marys river has been fishing fair to good depending upon the day, a mixed bag of Atlantic Salmon, Herring, Whitefish, drop back Steelhead & resident Rainbow Trout are available.  On the Trout fishing scene-non spring fed rivers have been getting warm with the onset of the hot weather.  Cooler days & morning/evening have been providing some rising fish on Caddis, Cahills, BWO’s & Damsels.  Forecast is calling for more Summer like weather-enjoy it, Winter isn’t far away :)  Congrats to Marlene on an absolute trophy Atlantic Salmon-Great job!

Check out Michigan Out of Doors magazine-Rivers North-a new monthly column (print & online available) by Captain Brad Petzke of Riversnorth Guide Service.  Column features articles on fly fishing Michigan’s U.P., topics range from techniques to overall stories of angling here north of the bridge!  No need to worry, no secrets or specific names of sensitive fisheries are used to protect the wild nature of our fisheries here in the U.P. :)  It’s always been all about the fish with us, taking care of our finned friends comes first & foremost!

Summer Time, Eh!

July 3rd, 2011

Summer is here finally across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan as some downright beautiful weather has blessed us over this July holiday time frame.  Resident Brook & Brown Trout fishing has remained solid with some good opps for the dry fly fisherman, Iso’s, BWO’s, Caddis & Damsel flies have been bringing some nice fish to the surface.  The St.Marys River has some Atlantic Salmon, Whitefish, Steelhead & Rainbow Trout present-water flows have been day to day with maintenance on hydro dams. Days off have been spent exploring new water for some exciting new fisheries-pictured is Dan with a trophy Smallmouth Bass.  Check out this months issue of Eastern Fly Fishing magazine-Author Jerry Darkes spent several days fishing the St.Marys River with us last season while writing this article.

In collaboration with Lake Superior State University Aquatic Research Lab we are participating in a Atlantic Salmon tagging project this season.  The study is being done with a couple other guides of the area to tag & release Atlantic Salmon to study mortality, migrations & other data that will aid in the future of this fine fishery.  If you choose to keep your Atlantic Salmon, please call the phone number on the tag & give the info to Roger at Lake State ARL.  Riversnorth tags are colored red, shoot me an email if you catch a tagged fish!

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