Fly fishing the UP in July

July 20th, 2022

So far this summer we have been experiencing colder than normal temperatures, seems to be a trend that just doesn’t wanna let go. We are currently under some lower than normal water levels across much of our region, some rainfall is in the forecast which will help our streams get back to more of a normal level for this time of year.

The St. Mary’s River has been producing some very nice sized Atlantic salmon this fishing season, the fish seem to be a bit bigger than normal which is outstanding. Water temperatures are still below normal for this time of year on the St. Mary’s River, I read that this is the coldest lake superior has been since the mid 90s at this time frame of the summer. If you are visiting the area & bringing your own boat, please be courteous of other anglers. This season the terrible etiquette I have been witnessing on the river has been disgusting. Remember, you’re not the only one on the river, if a spot is taken move along & don’t use your spot lock anchor in an area where people rotate through. I don’t make the rules, but apparently a lot of people need a refresher course on courtesy.

Our inland trout fishing has been producing some nice fish as well, resident Brooke and brown trout have been actively feeding on a variety of insects. not much going on for hatches on many rivers, so fishing an attractor pattern has been the most effective technique. Warm water species such as smallmouth bass, northern pike and musky have been active as well, most of our focus has been on Coldwater species this point of the season but that will change soon.

Many thanks to our recent customers, it was our pleasure to host you here in the upper peninsula and we look forward to fishing with you again! Congrats on some fantastic fish to the net as well, thank you!

Sweet summertime fishing in the UP!

July 5th, 2022

We are entering into the heart of summertime here in the UP, a great place to spend some time with a fishing rod in your hand! Lately we’ve been experiencing some cooler temps than normal, seems to be a trend this year. We have had some fantastic fishing with good overall water conditions. Trout fishing has been quite productive with some great brook trout and brown trout to the net. St. Mary’s River has been running a lot cooler than normal with the water temperatures, Fishing Is a bit behind schedule at this point. Congrats to all our recent guests on some spectacular fish, we appreciate you spending your vacation days with us!