First Snowfall in the U.P.

October 22nd, 2015

The fall U.P. fishing continues as new fish seem to be entering our rivers at a slow rate.  Steelhead & Salmon are present, but putting in the extra effort is required to get good results.  A bit of rain fell yesterday, but much more is needed to get some increased water flows.  Some areas of the U.P. got a descent snowfall this past week, a bit early for this! Water temps have been steadily dropping with the cold nights & fish have been reacting accordingly.  Muskie and Pike are still active, but it seems as if the feeding window is shrinking on a daily basis w the colder water.




Autumn Splendor

October 10th, 2015

The backdrop of peak fall colors right now here in the U.P. is sure providing for a fantastic fishing atmosphere right now.  The past week has seen our colors really explode, a great time to visit the region.  I wish I could say fishing is a spectacular as the colors…  Seems as if migrations of Salmon are much behind schedule as numbers are lower than they should be for the most part.  Yes, Lk Michigan Chinook fishery is lacking and Lake Superior Coho numbers are lower than normal right now.  Searching for Steelhead has paid some bright dividends this week, the most angry fish of the year!  Also, Muskies & Pike have been active at times-some large fish feeding before the cold days begin soon. Congrats to our guests on some well deserved trophies as of lately!