Rivers North Fishing Report

Dry Dock

August 30th, 2009

Mornings here in the U.P. sure have the feel of Fall to them right now as we end the month of August.  Temps in the mid 40’s have been present on a few mornings-a little chilly for the early morning boat ride!  Currently Pacific Salmon numbers have been increasing daily on the St.Marys River system-a few more Pink Salmon are present, but we still have not been targeting them yet.  Why target them when some great Chinook are avaiable!  This year I am more impressed than previous years with the Chinook of the St.Marys-some fish near the 20 lb mark are present that will test your skillls!  Adding Atlantic Salmon & Steelehad to the mix sure just makes it all that much better!

Bye Bye Summer, Hello Fall!

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