Rivers North Fishing Report

Open Water

February 16th, 2009

The warmer weather and heavy winds moved a large amount of ice out that has been present on near shore Lake Superior waters-this opened up some good early season opportunies.  Aggresive Salmonids are present when conditions like this exist in mid Winter-good baitfish amounts are present & these fish take advantage of the situation!  It isn’t to often in February when one can venture out onto the big water!  Rivers have risen with the warmer temps but have quickly went back to their prior state with the cold evenings we have had the past few days.  Steelhead and resident Trout are present-good presentations in slow Winter water has been productive.  The warm weather brought out more anglers that have been stewing around the house for months with the cold temps, so fish have gotten a bit more educated.

Can you feel it?  Spring-coming soon!

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