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August 14th, 2011

Finally a bit of relief from the warm weather here in the U.P., night time temps have been getting even into the upper 40’s which has cooled water temps a bit.  Brook and Brown Trout fishing on small spring creeks that keep cool water temps all Summer long have provided some good fishing.  Some Grasshoppers are present, some of the largest I have ever seen are around this year-these can provide some very cool takes from aggressive Trout.  I also have had some days off and the quest for warm water species/new fisheries on the fly rod continues.  Smallmouth Bass was the focus this week with poppers & streamers, these fish are downright outstanding to pursue on the fly. They are aggressive, take a variety of flies, reside in some beautiful places & fight unbelievably hard.  This next Summer look for some new outings to be available when water temps get above the Trout comfort zone, these warm water fisheries require the angler to work flies correctly & are very rewarding!

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