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April 11th, 2010

It looked like Winter here again for a few days as a nice snow storm gave us around 6 inches of snow in areas across the Upper Peninsula-this helped our drought a little bit.  Currently rivers are still the very low-seems as if the majority of our Steelhead have taken care of their business and are headed back to the lake.  I’m sure we will see some more fish trickling into the rivers, but without any influx of water there probably wont be any more big push of new fish.  This will go down as one of the earliest & strangest runs of Spring Steelhead i have ever seen here in the U.P..  Should fair well for our wild Steelhead as many of the fish were virtually unharrased during their spawning as lots of the areas they spawn are closed till Trout opening day-very cool!  I do urge the readers of this blog to take a second before they make a cast onto a redd of spawning Steelhead-by not fishing to spawning fish you can promote the future of our fisheries.  Not harassing fish on gravel ensures natural reproduction & creates less stress on our wild fish.

Fishable numbers of Steelhead are present (drop back & fresher fish are avail.)-resident Trout fishing has been getting much more productive.  Stoneflies have been coming off daily & some fish have been looking to the surface.  Stonefly hatches are not very dependable here, but if they are out the Trout will take full advantage.  Water temps are in the low to mid 40’s & very clear.

Congrats to Colin Henning on his first solo Steel-teaching his Dad how to get it done in the yoop!

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