Rivers North Fishing Report

Michigan or North Pole?

December 17th, 2009

River fishing right now has been about as brutally tough as one can ask for, fish are present but downright bone chilling air temps has made actually going fishing nearly impossible.  It’s kinda tough to motivate yourself to go stand in a river when the thermometer is reading 6 degrees @ the warmest part of the day.. humm..  The nice weather we had been blessed with all Fall & early Winter is long gone as daytime high temps have been in the single digits & low teens nearly every day.   Night time temps have been reaching well into the negative teens in the interior areas of the Upper Peninsula, sure seems early for this cold of weather.  This cold makes it really hard on angler & equipment, so short sessions on the water is about all that can happen.  Water temps are in the low 30’s & Steelhead/Trout are in full Winter mode-good presentations near dark safe areas is what will get some interest.  Some nice fish are available for those willing to tough out the conditions!

Merry Christmas to all from the Yoopers up north!

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