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More Sunshine

September 20th, 2009

The warm weather continues as some clouds & rain are very needed here across the Upper Peninsula.  Seems like every single day is no clouds & hot air temps for this time of the year.  Rivers are low & in need of a good refreshening.  A few new arrivals in the Salmon Department have shown up, not any real significant numbers have come screaming upstream.  No real relief is in sight with the 10 day forecast-this week being the final week of resident Trout season will find us chasing Trout instead of migratory fish.  The final farewell to yet another season of U.P. Trout fishing, seems like just yesterday we were getting excited about the big Brown Trout that followed our streamer or the first rising Brook Trout of the year.  Now, it is nearing the end of September & the leaves are beginning to color up. Wow, the fishing season sure does move by quickly. Resident Brook Trout are getting their spawning colors on & some great fish are currently available.  As the Trout season is ending yet another season beings, won’t be long & the chromest of chrome will be dancing on the end of our fly lines.  Fall Steelhead-sure can’t wait to feel the tug!

Rain Please!!

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