Rivers North Fishing Report

Summer Salstice

June 26th, 2009

Unbelievably warm air temps have been present lately over the entire Upper Peninsula of Michigan-this warm air has dramatically warmed up some rivers and others have been virtually unaffected.  Good insect activity has been present in the late evenings on most Trout streams in the central U.P. (Brown Drakes, Cahills, and Caddis).  The St.Marys River has been warming up extremely slow this year (currently 52 degree water)-seems like Lk Superior just does not want to warm up with the winds that have been present.  It should start warming very soon though-currently there is a good amount of smelt present &  fish have been taking some advantage of this.  Some midge activity has also been present during parts of the day, but as of now there has been no mayfly activity & only a few caddis are around.  Some great Atlantic Salmon are available, but be prepared to put in some time for your prize!  Some nice Lake Whitefish also began to make an appearance this week, these guys sure make for a tasty dinner! 

Summer in the U.P.- the good life!

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