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Good Times

June 14th, 2009

Stable weather has been present lately here in the U.P. making for some great fishing conditions.  A steady rise of  willing Brook and Brown Trout has made for some very memorable outings.  A variety of Mayflies have been present (Brown Drakes, Black Quills, Cahills & Mahogines)-both emergences and spinner falls have fish keying into eating up top.  Water temps are ranging from upper 50’s to lower 60’s and a ideal water level.  Dry fly fishing for Trout is pretty much as cool as it gets- the visual of actually seeing a fish come up & nab your pattern is about as real as it gets!  When everything comes together with dry fly fishing it is truly a special occasion-we were lucky enough to share a few of these experiences with the crew from Colton Bay this past week.  Many thanks!

Yooper Trout-a family tradition!

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