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Pot O’ Gold

March 16th, 2009

Unseasonably warm temps have engulfed the U.P. over the past few days & the snow is melting off.  Yahoooooo!!!   Daytime temps have been in the mid 50’s and fishing in the bright sunshine has been absolutely great-normally bright sunshine is not ideal, but this time of the year I really don’t care about hooking fish as much as enjoying being on the water in beautiful weather.  Nonetheless fishing has been descent-some rivers are up a bit & dirty while others that have larger drainages won’t rise as quickly.  Most Steelhead that are present are still Winter fish as only a few new Spring fish have moved upstream with the influx in water levels.  Water temps are holding very steady @ around 34-36 degrees as the cold runoff water from snow pack doesn’t warm the water much.  There is still a very large amount of snow around (see pic below), it is still Winter here by all means!  The forecast is calling for a few more days of great weather, then back to the 30’s for the weekend.

Sunshine & Steelhead-just what the Dr. ordered!

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