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»2021 fishing season in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

»Fly Fishing Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

»Riversnorth Catch and release, fly fishing Michigan’s UP

A beautiful 41" Musky on the fly in the Upper Penninsula!


Testify is a visual poem adapted from the essay "Testament of a Fisherman" published in 1964 by Michigan author John Voelker.

» Fly Fishing Michigan's U.P.-Riversnorth 2008

» 2008 Spring Steelhead

» 2007 "a season of fly fishing gods country"

» 2007 early fall fly fishing

» Underwater release of a pink salmon (st.marys river)

» Underwater release of a chinook salmon (st.marys river)

» Riversnorth 2010 Upper Peninsula Fly Fishing

» Brook Trout Fly Fishing-Michigan's Upper Peninsula