Fall 2008 - Rivers North Newsletter

Join Riversnorth Guide Service of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula this Fall for Steelhead, Lake Run Brown Trout and Pacific Salmon. Fall in the U.P. is absolutely breathtaking-fall colors, cold crisp mornings & big migratory fish make for a some great memories! Our Great Lakes received a healthy dose of water this year which has them back up to normal levels-this is great for our fisheries! Some absolutely trophy Steelhead and Salmon have been caught this Summer in Lake Michigan/Lake Superior-this Fall promises to have some great opportunities for a fish of a lifetime!


Our fall fishery beings in late September as Chinook and Coho Salmon begin their voyage to their natal rivers. These fish are targeted with streamers at river mouths while they still chase flies aggressively. Once in the river systems these fish will still respond to flies for quite some time. A day of smiles & sore arms is the usual result of Fall Salmon fishing!

Peak season= Late Sept-Late Oct


Shortly after the Salmon arrive they are followed up by our Steelhead-these fish are present in both Lake Superior streams and Lake Michigan streams starting in mid October. These fish are very aggressive when present and very willing to take a well presented nymph or streamer. Once in the river, Steelhead feed heavily on the large amount of eggs that are present form the spawning Salmon. These fish are targeted both using traditional single handed fly rods with indicator or drift rigging and by using two handed Spey equipment to swing streamers. If you have never tried fishing streamers for Steelhead this is a must for all fly fisherman-one strike from an angry fall Steelhead on a streamer and you will be hooked for life!

Peak dates= Mid October-Mid December


If trophy Brown Trout get you excited, try giving the U.P. some consideration! The fertile waters of northern Lake Michigan and some Lake Superior streams offer the opportunity to land the Trout of a lifetime. These trophy fish are very responsive to a well presented swung or stripped streamer-using two handed spey rods primarily allow the angler to cover water and search for aggressive fish. This is a lot of fun and provides for some very memorable strikes!

Peak Dates=Mid October-Early December


Please visit http://www.riversnorth.net for additional information on all outings offered through Riversnorth Guide Service. Please do not hesitate to call (906) 458-8125 or email riversnorth@yahoo.com with any questions whatsoever. Please do not delay as peak dates fill quickly and booking your date promptly ensures quality fishing conditions.
All ages and abilities of fly fisherman are welcome!
Fight the fish, not the crowds with Riversnorth here in Michigan’s U.P.!


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